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You need to have a building where you, your tenants and your employees feel comfortable.
A building in wich the environment is fresh and pleasant, where all building services are effective and suitable for their purposes.
It is possible to engineer all these features into new buildings, and into existing properties as well. It does however demand creativity and a high level of education and experience in design and management of engineering projects.
In our office we have highly experienced engineers who use expertise and innovation to seek creative solutions to meet the demands of our Clients. In this way we can succeed in creating a level of comfort our Clients previously considered impossible.
Our approach to quality engineering has brought us a rapidly growing clientele in our home country Croatia and abroad. This we consider to be our highest accolade.

„With extensive knowledge and creativity! „

Building construction is often very complex: Therefore it is important to be creative ,qualitative and last but not least profitable in all areas of a project. ENG Projekt Ltd. is a consultant engineering company with the philosophy of offering specialized consulting services in the building engineering. That means that first of all we will give You the best advice in Your choice of technology and we will work together to provide an perfectly engineered solution. You will benefit from our coordinated design approach. We provide a fully structured service with an integrated approach incorporating all disciplines. ENG Projekt Ltd. can offer special expertise in the following engineering services:

Heating, cooling, ventilation & air-conditioning
Plumbing, sanitary, water & sewage services
Sprinkler systems
Building management systems

When we commence work on a project we carry out intensive investigation and beleive in attention to detail.This gives positive results.Our normal approach to a project is described below:

Prestudies and investigation which will give the basic data, for the employers requirements and set the basic parameters.
Feasibility studies wich will define the employers requirements with regards to functions,quality,economy and programme. Predesign which is coordinated with all disciplines involved in the projects development and provides the basis for design with economy. Detail design adapted to the project and engineered to provide low conctracting costs. Supervision and inspection on site to ensure that the employers requirements will be achieved in acordance with the feasibility studies. Quality assurance and coordination of the design work are provided in all aspects of a project.

We know that our experience, creativity and our knowledge are the most important basis for us to achieve the best result for You as a client.

In the end with Your help andour expertise we can acheive a 100% complete solution, fullfilling Your requirements, Your bussiness idea and purpose . Our cooperation will not only start to earn money in the early stage, it will also be profitable in the medium and long term.


  About us References Photo Contact


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